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One Tyrant to the Next.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

It is interesting...before ole Joe Biden supposedly won the presidency the world was ending daily.

The mainstream media, social media and D.C. were filled with stories of a racist movement sweeping across the nation, kids were in cages, Trump was bombing foreign nations, there was violence and threats at every corner, Trump was using the executive order to destroy the very fabric of the nation, the list goes on.

Then something magical happened; Joe Biden was elected president. All of a sudden the media, our peers on Instagram, and the politicians in the District got very quiet. Almost over night the white supremacy movement disappeared, kids were free, bombing foreign nations stopped, any violence was now due to conservatives (or worse, those damn libertarians), finally the tyrannical reign of executive orders ceased, and all of the problems facing our nation just stopped... What a world we live in.

Of course none of these things happened, sure Trump's personality is no longer in the White House but not much has changed outside of that. You see there's really no difference between Republicans and Democrats, yes that includes Biden and Trump. This is why we call the duopoly the Republicrats here at Liberty Uninterrupted because we call it like we see it. Those who subscribe to the duopoly and their statist agenda of course don't see that their beloved parties are one in the same, the only difference really is their rhetoric and how they go about "tackling the issues" in front the camera.

In Biden's first three months in office he has completely abandoned his calls for police and criminal justice reform, which shouldn't surprise anyone considering he authored the 1994 Crime Bill. This supposed racist movement sweeping the nation had already swept the nation multiple times by the hand of the State and its cronies such as Pres. Joe Biden and yet where are the calls for Biden to resign?

Kids at the border are still in cages, albeit they are now called containment facilities... how pleasant. Where is CNN? Where are all the justice warriors? Where is AOC and Pelosi? I'd ask where are all the Republicans are at but we know how that story ends. The policy of separating children from adults (whether you agree or disagree with it) is still happening and the hypocrisy is astounding. No one cares, not a peep from the left, the MSM, or all our favorite influencers.

In case you missed it, Biden just bombed Syria over a bogus Iranian terror story. Yes, please tell me how Biden is the president of peace, please tell me how he's not like those war-hawk Republicans. Just as Trump did, Biden is going to involve us into foreign entanglements. You see, Biden is surrounded with interventionists, his crew isn't new they've been in D.C. forever just like Biden himself. They are the same people who were all in on the "War on Terror" and every other pointless military conflicts. Nothing has changed here and nor will it, this administration is as hawkish as they come.

A little side note; I give it to Trump for not starting any new wars per se, so good job there, but he didn't bring the troops home either and he had the king of war-hawks (John Bolton) in his ear. So chill out MAGA bro, I'm not defending your boy.

Members of Biden's own party have talked about internment/re-education camps for people who disagree with their agenda. Once again, please explain to me how this is going to be the administration, hell, the party of peace when you're threatening imprisoning your fellow Americans for voting differently than you? To those who may say "well Joe himself didn't say that" well he sure didn't denounce it either and I have a hard time believing he wouldn't be onboard if the woke mob came knocking.

For all my fellow libertarians don't think they just mean Trumpers, they say Trump supporters but they wrap anyone who disagrees with them into that camp.

As of February 1st, Joe Biden had passed fifty-two executive orders. Let that sink in for a moment, the man passed FIFTY-TWO executive orders in nearly three months. I hate the use of executive orders, it's essentially unbridled tyrannical power. I called out Trump when he signed about a dozen executive orders within his first month, funny enough so did the main stream media. Now that same media is celebrating Biden's authoritative use of the executive order and the same people who castrated Trump for his orders are now utterly ignoring Joe's use of the same damn orders.

So I think it's safe to say we went from one tyrant to another, nothing has changed, nothing ever does. The crazy part of all of this is that the people up in arms over of Trump's political agenda are completely silent while Biden does all the same stuff. There's no difference outside of party affiliation and it's obvious that all the sheep care about is what tyrant is wearing which color.

These problems don't disappear they just switch from one team to the next which means the members of that team are cool with the problems. You see, now it's all good because their team is the one bombing the hell out of Syria or keeping kids in cages. It's not a problem as long as their team is in office. The inconsistency and hypocrisy is sickening to the say the least.

What we need to realize and understand in the liberty movement is that very few Americans truly care about the problems that claim to care about. They just want their ruler to win and commit the same crimes and pretend that it's different because their guy won. It's a clown show and it's time to burn down the circus.

From one tyrant to the next, it's all the same tyranny just wearing different masks.

Those of us who see passed the smoke and mirrors are clearly the minority and yet we continue to progress the cause of freedom and personal liberty. We carry on because We The People Run This.

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