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You Don’t Have A Problem With America

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

You don’t have a problem with America, you don’t have a problem with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or our founding principles.

You have a problem with massive government overreach. You have a problem with Uncle Sam infringing on your rights consistently. Don’t believe me? You might after you read this, at least I hope you do.

Let’s start with civil rights violations because we obviously have a history with not living up to our principles. The preamble to the Declaration of Independence states "all men are created equal,” this is a founding principle of our country. This statement, of coarse, is absolutely true, God does create all people equally. We can all agree this declaration is true correct? All men are created equal. If we can agree then we’d have to admit that this founding principle of the United States is a good thing. You don’t have a problem with the principle, you have a problem with the government itself injecting itself into matters of morality. Slavery was and is horrendous and evil, segregation and Jim Crow were despicable practices, and they existed because a large central government enforced them. These evils were maintained by the state in direct opposition with one of our founding principles.

The Women’s suffrage movement was a brave and righteous movement to bring equality under the law to women. Before the movement women couldn’t take part in the republic that was supposed to represent them. Once again we see the state promoting a policy that was not only immoral but ridiculous. Women across the nation protested for their right to vote for decades while the state ignored their rightful claims and maintained the status quo. Finally, women won the right to vote with the 19th Amendment ensuring they would receive the same rights and responsibilities of citizenship in their country as men. This was a great victory for the US, the people won against the state. Once again we see that the government was not living up to our founding principle instead they infringed on the God given rights of women. Big Brother smothered the rights of women and maintained that policy until the people rose up.

Let’s use the more recent example of same sex unions. The LGBT community had fought for equality and specifically the right to marry in the United States continuously for decades. Why was the government ever in the business of marriage? Why did the government ever have a say on who you could love or marry? It’s insane now to look back and think this was ever a question but of coarse Uncle Sam didn’t live up to that founding principle I keep bringing up instead they put their nose where it should have never been.

My point is this; anytime we have had a human rights violation in this Great Country it wasn’t because of our founding documents or the principles they espouse. The crazy thing is that every one of the issues I’ve talked about in this article was caused by not following our original doctrine. If the government had simply said “hey we probably shouldn’t try to control people based on their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation and follow what the basis of what America was founded on” we would’ve been much better off correct? Correct.

What we can do today is live up to our principles and challenge the state to stop infringing on our rights. Your enemy isn’t America, it’s the state.

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